I just have to relay my experience with Kim to someone! My mother was in the hospital with pneumonia and a severe sepsis infection for five days. I was at my wits end and so scared for my mom. I asked Kim if she had an opening for an energy healing. She said yes and worked her amazing magic from a distance.  Btw, she is the sweetest lady! I can hardly believe it but my mother made a FULL recovery the NEXT DAY. The doctors were going to give her a blood transfusion due to her being severely anemic and the infection raging away in her blood. They tested her iron levels and they were normal! He said it was a miracle and there was no explanation as to how her blood levels came up OR as to how she had such a quick turn around! I dont know how she did it but I am a total believer. There is no way it was a coincidence. My mother was knocking on deaths door, the staff preparing me for the worst. And the very next morning she was talking, walking, and asking to eat. Ive never seen anything like this level of healing ability! I just want to thank her so much for saving my mom. If you ever get the chance to book a healing with Kim--do it right now!!! 

Jess 12-2017

Comment on my live feed on facebook about energy. Simona received an activation for her root chakra by listening/watching the video. These are very powerful light encoded activations as all of my work is light encoded. My writings, the frequency of my voice and even the artwork that I Have recently rediscovered in the last few months. The codes that are already held within you are activated by listening to my voice, reading my writings and gazing at my art. I also have an entire line of all natural products handmade by me that are also lightencoded.

3-3-18            Simona

And then at min 16:50 you say: “Chakra is a Sanskrit word for 'spinning wheel', so it has to spin and move freely in order to receive the energy from the Divine”. (#Amen!) 

That's it. In that exact moment my lower belly, at the level of the root chakra, feels lighter, I feel it suddenly open, I feel energy spinning. Just like when I told you about my heart chakra experience a little while ago!

Though while it was new and somehow overwhelming when it happened on my heart chakra, this time I already knew the feeling, and I recognized what it was, immediately. #Beautiful! ✨

So new awareness today is about new consciousness on my new tribe and their support, that I do feel and that makes me feel much lighter and a much worthy person (this is amazing!!), and also about my root chakra, spinning like a wheel, open, and open to receive, stay active, and be 🙌

I'm becoming lighter and lighter every day.

Jo Ann

About my Blessings perfume(Channeled by Mother Mary)

This perfume has layers of fragrance to it!!! It’s soft & subtle and just sings to my senences!!! It’s an angelic smell is best as I can describe it!!! 


Kim you are on the right path and have changed from the beginning impression of you till now, and you are a very loving, understanding, compassionate, empowering, empathetic, beautiful souled friend and I am grateful for the healing and love that you have sent me, because you have helped me become who I am today!! You do it all from your heart and soul and that is truly selfless and humble! Thank You!

Meditation Class  

Thanks DiAnne for hosting, this meditation class was a great idea! I plan on keeping Kim on speed dial! :)I was so relaxed I was surprised that I didn't fall off the chair and my headache went away. 


Kim was a great instructor, thanks DiAnne for having her come out, great guided imagery, hope we can bring her back for future events. 


I so needed this in my life right now. Kim, I felt like you were speaking to me. It brought me to tears. Thank You DiAnne... I know that you understand. 


From the hostess of this mediation class: Thanks again for doing this for these ladies. I know that they loved you. God Bless. 


Great reading, as expected. Thanks, Kim!

Kimberly N.

I have had two excellent readings with Kim. Both readings were very detailed and extremely accurate. In the first reading Kim connected with my deceased best friend. I felt like my friend was sitting right there with me. Kim actually sounded like her and took on her mannerisms. The second reading was more about myself. It too was amazing. I definitely would recommend having a reading with Kim.

Rose H. 

Once again, my daughter and I visited Kim for a reading. We enjoyed it very much and would recommend anyone to go see her!

Bob K.  

Kim you showed me so much more then crazies lol.  You have showed me to look inside my soul for the person I am and I'm blessed for that thank you :)



Yes Kim is awesome! I am grateful she is truly awesome, Kim has helped me so much and I am grateful that she is in my life! It is such an honor and privileged to see and the miracles that happen in our lives! Thank you Kim. Love and Light, Bradley 

Kimberly Ann has been such a blessing in my life.  Her life-coach in has helped me significantly.  I have always been gifted but never knew how to control my gift.  I was anxious, depressed and felt so very lost.  One day, after meeting Kimberly I reached out to her.  I had gone through a Kundalini awakening and had no idea what was going on?  I was scared and knew huge changes were coming.  But with her help I was no longer scared and finally got a hang of choosing when to turn on and off my gifts.  Meeting Kim has been such a blessing in my life and she is so experienced with so many things!!!  I once told her that she could teach a different class every day of the year and still not run out of information to share!  Haha.  I recommend Kim for really any of your metaphysical needs.  She has helped me with clearing in old homes, to past life readings to just general information on myself and the growing I am going through.  So much love for her and HER gifts!!!!


Spiritual and Transformational Life Coaching, Energy Clearing of my home, Past life reading 

Kim is a phenomenal healer. She was very non-judgmental in my reading, and was very personable. She listened to my questions without interrupting me and she made me feel as if she was reading my soul while connecting with spirit. Her warm words touched my heart. Her reading was extremely accurate and her words inspired me to take appropriate actions in my life. We are located within the same area and I will see her as often and as soon as I can! She is truly a gem and extremely down to earth!

Deanna D. 

It was an amazing experience!!!! Such a beautiful person with a crazy amount of spiritual knowledge and insight. Right on the money. 

Jessicah H.  


Kim is a caring and compassionate reader! 

Jazzmyne  Wow!!!! Thank you Kim!!


Wow, I was blown away by this reading, Thank you for coming through with my parents and also for my sister-in-law. I was confused about some of the reading, I am not sure who is Mother Mary? I am also very surprised that my father came through, it is always my mother but this is the first time with my father, so I am grateful for this. I loved the reading and I was very happy, a little confused about some of the reading.  Anyway I would love to order another reading. Thank You!

*After clarification on his confusion this was his response 

Oh you know that was my thought but I thought I'd better ask you. But it is a blessing when Mother Mary comes across in a reading. I used to do the rosary for forty days, so I love Mother Mary. 

I am planning on doing another reading, I hope that's okay. 

I think you are the best psychic medium I have come across, so I am going to use you a lot for any reading.  

You are the best, thank you Kimberly. 

Love, peace and harmony and may you have a blessed weekend,


I would like to give a big applause to Kim. She is so amazing and so accurate. She gives her reading with pure kindness and joy. She possess a heart of gold and gives you her world of time in getting your questions answered. She helped me get clarity on life and where I am and how to proceed. She has sweet and sincere energy. Just by hearing her voice I already felt at ease!!!! She is so understanding and so nurturing, she is a true lightworker! She rocks, God bless her! I would recommend anyone and everyone to her! You will feel at ease and true clarity on what's happening and how to succeed...Love and Light,  

Rebecca R.