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"Step Into Your Power" One Hour Session with Kim ~ Special Gifted Price has been extended~ 

Kim offers a unique blend of  clairvoyance, ascension guidance, assertiveness training, and self awareness skills to empower you to change your life in very meaningful ways to live the magnificent life that you were meant to live as we fly higher and higher and learn to navigate life as a multidimensional being of the light as we BECOME light.  Kim is able to get to the very core issue that you would like to work on.  She has the unique gift to see through your trials and tribulations of life and point you on the right path to discover your true passions as we learn how to live with an open heart at all times as we fill our entire being with gratitude.  Blending energy work, ascension guidance and life coaching has become a passion for Kim. She combines all of these techniques in her coaching to help you learn how to discover and live up to your true potential. 

Pattern and Program Buster- discover how Recognizing and dissolving patterns can change your life

Give your soul a treat, expanding into your higher self as you begin to see how all of your relationships associate with the relationship with yourself. Looking at your patterns with detachment from your higher self aspect will change the way things look. When you can pinpoint a pattern/program you can begin to release it. Noticing how we have certain themes playing out our entire life will help you discover how to change them, set healthy boundaries with others and yourself. 

Some patterns we may discuss are:

Codependents -Narcissists in your life

Abusee/abuser tendencies w/self and others

Boundaries-this one is HUGE for most of us

Self worth issues- unworthiness-allow yourself to receive

Victim mentalities

Lack of self love 

The right to be seen/heard/throat chakra issues

Childhood patterns that follow us through adulthood

Fears and anxieties- running to fear mode at every turn

Attachments/cords to people and things

Attachments to lower energy fields-fear of moving forward

Drama addictions

Maintaining a higher vibration and sustaining your vortex

Vibrating your way into abundance with the purity of soul

Duality of the human/ego separation programs

Knowing thyself is the key to transformation

Opening your mind and heart to who you really are will change your life for the better

The first step is identifying them, then the real work can begin

Empower yourself today!

All sessions flow with the energies that are present with the clients that will best assist in the moment. We flow with the energies at all moments, as they direct the ebb and flow that is best suited for the moment, trusting in the universal flow at all times.

 All Zoom sessions are recorded and sent to you within 24 hours after the session. The zoom link will be sent to you immediately after booking and purchasing a session. 

See availability and book below. Please contact us if you need to book a session that is outside of our availability times and we will do our very best to work with you.